The Hurkyferd Prettacy

An ISBI Prettacy

Forgot to Mention


Already I forgot something and I just started.  I can tell I am going to be SO good at this. heh.  So, since I am doing things differently, my Generations are kind of messed up.  I am starting on Generation 0.  So, lots of other people do this.  What is so unique about that?  Here is where mine might differ a bit.  I started with TWO ugly Sims, both controllable in this Generation of my ISBI.  They are married and will have children.  It is one of THESE children that will truly start the Prettacy.  Reason being, I wanted to start with BOTH sides of the gene pool filled with questionable features. Rather than starting with one goofy-looking slob and marrying a decent-looking one right off the bat, I thought I would shake things up.  So Generation 1, the actual *first* Sim to start trying to get pretty, will be one of my Gen 0 children and we want she/he to be ugly, ugly as possible.  Totally confused yet?

That makes two of us.  Just remember this – first ugly, then pretty.  If I could write it out in a mathematical equation, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here writing a Sims blog, but that is neither here nor there.

So for the children of my first two Sims, we’ll be voting for the UGLIEST Sim whereas the rest will be all about the lovelies.

Okay, now on to our regularly scheduled programming.

2 thoughts on “Forgot to Mention

  1. I can already tell this is going to be amazing.

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