The Hurkyferd Prettacy

An ISBI Prettacy

Welcome and All that Good Stuff (Rules, etc)

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Welcome to the Hurkyferd Prettacy ISBI.  This is my feeble attempt to tell the tale of my Sims as they work their way through 10 Generations of messed up genetics.

For anyone that doesn’t know, a Prettacy is where you take an ugly Sim (in my case, two ugly Sims) and try and get a decent looking one by the time your 10th Generation reaches YA.

The ISBI (I’m Surrounded by Idiots) component is a form of self-flagellation.  This is where you are only allowed to control your current Heir/Torch Holder.  That means all other Sims in your household are going to be doing their own thing.  No biggie, right?  Wrong.  You see the ISBI has a point system so every time your non-controllable (or even your controllable) Sims do something like pee themselves, pass out or fail a class, you get dinged.  I have Free Will set to it’s highest, but if you’ve played the Sims (which I kind of assume you have if you’re reading this but if not, hey go buy a copy, it’s fun!!) you know that doesn’t mean they’ll do what they’re supposed to do.  Thus, the rules.  There are a bunch of different versions.  There are some here and some more here (FABULOUS Sims 3 Legacy Writer there named Mariah, I hesitate to send you there because you just may never come back! But even if you don’t I would be happy because she is wonderful)  And even more here (those may be the original – at least back for Sims 2).  I will be playing my own variation which are as follows:

1.  Each generation I only control the Heir/Torch Holder.  This means I cannot control spouses, children or anyone else living in the Legacy household.

2.  Every generation must have at least 2 children.  They can have more but must have 2.  My heir MUST be a child born from the heir and their spouse, due to this being a Prettacy. Spouses can be any combo of sexes.  I’ll go with the flow depending on where my game takes me and what my Sim seems to like.

3.  I can send the children to the mirror to change hair/dresser to change clothes/use MC to send them to Stylist (this IS the Sims  – no one grows up with good hair or outfits) but I CANNOT and WILL NOT take them back to CAS to change genetics in any way. That would defeat the entire purpose of a Prettacy, non?

4.  At some point while the kids are all still younger than YA, I have to pick an heir. I will hold an heir poll either here or on forum or any combination thereof with the caveat that this IS a Prettacy as much as it is an ISBI.  It may stink, but here as in life as mainstream media would have us believe, pretty is everything.  If I am unsatisfied with the results, I have the right to override. I MUST HAVE THE PRETTAH!

5.  Once they are up to YA, all non-heir children must be moved out within a day or so of their aging up.  Oh, and I won’t age anyone up early.  I have lifespan set to a custom amount I like (I think it is 116 Sim days or some such).

6. Since this is an ISBI, if my heir dies, GAME OVER.  Well, technically it will be but if I want to keep playing (and writing), I may grab one of the spares and continue without keeping score and with the knowledge that I SUCK at ISBI’s.

7.  Many ISBI’s are based on the notion that all Sims in the Legacy family have the Insane trait.  Not so much this one.  My founders both have the Insane trait, but I am not requiring that every single Sim in the family has this trait.  I’ve done the “genetic” trait before with a multi-generational family and by the 3rd Gen I was ready to poke my eyes out from watching the same thing over and over (the trait was Virtuoso.  Good Lord I tell you everyone was whipping out a guitar every 2 seconds).  HOWEVER – if any of the children have to randomize their traits due to bad pregnancy, rough childhood or extra-angsty teen years and they get Insane randomly, they automatically become heir.  If more than one child does this, there will be a vote.

8.  Once a life-stage, I can send the NHS (Non-Heir Sims) to do one action. Whether that be telling them to go to the damn bathroom before they wet themselves, sending little truant kiddos to school, or having them Try for a Baby (I need Heirs after all), I get one freebie.  And I’m sure I’ll use it.

9.  I can have my Heirs marry whomever I choose in my town – BUT – they have to be born in the game.  This can include offspring of Sims provided by the game, offspring of Sims I make and move into the world or offspring of Sims I might get from other people and pop into my game. I don’t think I’ve ever typed the word offspring so many times. That’s a weird word, isn’t it?  Offspring.  Sounds like a gymnastic move.  Maybe I’ve just got the Olympics on my mind since the London 2012 Olympics are going on right now.   Exception to this Rule:  My Generation One Heir will marry a townie-born, unless the only choice is to marry a child of one of my user-created Sims.

10.  Spouses and teens can have jobs and getting said jobs does not count towards Rule #8.  Come on, we all know you need money to survive in this capitalistic society we live in, and Sims are no different.  I won’t have the Social Worker taking my kids because we can’t afford food.  Now, this doesn’t mean I can queue up the action to go to work.  They have to do that on their own, but if we need the income, I’ll let them have at it.  Caveat to this Rule:  If an Heir’s spouse comes in with a job that is user Controlled (i.e. Ambitions, Showtime) I can change it to one I don’t have to control since I cannot re: these rules.

11.  50/50 Wish Rule:  For the Heirs/TH I promise to fulfill at least 50 percent of the wishes they roll.  The other 50 percent I can ditch if I so choose.  I know, I know, many hardcore Legacy players are calling me a wimp on this one but I’m already dealing with some hella ugly genes AND an ISBI.  I want this to be somewhat enjoyable if I’m going to make it 10 Generations and still have my wits about me.

12. I wanted to play in Starlight Shores instead of Sunset Valley so instead of following Pinstar’s Legacy challenge rules (go here) and giving them the whole “Humble Beginnings” of a giant lot, one bed, no walls etc – I bought a house and some stuff that cost them all but about $200 of their Simoleons.  Its a shit shack, trust me.  There’s only one bedroom and its in the scariest neighborhood in Starlight Shores (more about that as the story unfolds but TRUST, it’s got some creeper neighbors).

13.  A caveat to the above : When the family gets big enough and has enough funds, I reserve the right to move them to a more suitable Legacy-type lot.  I also reserve the right to move the family to another World/Town if I need or want to.  Any of you who’ve played long legacies know old Save Files can get borked.  If I need to (heck, if I want to) I’ll move the Hurkyferds.  Currently I have no plans to do so and would like to stay in Starlight Shores, but I’m starting to feel like it is pretty small and Lucky Palms has been calling my name lately.  Heh.

14. Cheats – not gonna do it.  This means no dragging the motive bars up if someone is about to pass out and no Motherloding cash into the house.  I do play with Twallen’s Master Controller and Story Progression, but those are used to keep the town alive and help with issues. I will Resetsim when needed.  I once had one of my Sims at a wedding stand and clap manically for 8 hours, long after the vows were said, the cake was cut and the marriage consummated. Yeah, not going to let my Sims die because they are stuck somewhere due to game bugs or routing issues.

15.  (Sorry, this is longer than I thought it would be, sheesh!) Lifetime Rewards – I will use them.  If I can manage to earn LTR points for my Sims, I will cash them in for useful things like Inheritance, Simbots and the like.  I would imagine the only one getting enough LTR points for any type of decent reward will be the Heir so I’m using them!

16.  Wishes for NHP – I will check the wishes for the Non-Heir Players from time to time and lock some in for them.  However, unless I use my “One action per Life-stage” rule to grant them, I can’t do anything about fulfilling them. This also means I will allow myself to click on the NHPs so I can access their panels.  I can also use things from their inventories, or place things in there if I want.  Sleeping bags are a must for any ISBI!

17,439.  There are points (finally  – the last bit!) scored and taken away in all of this.  I will do my best to keep track of points but I’m not the best at this kind of thing.  That said, here is the breakdown:
For each Sim failing school – 5
*For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter when you don’t call them but the game makes them come, EXCLUDING babysitters who come when your Sim goes to Hospital to give birth cause, come on, its childbirth. (I have a wee one and I know childbirth’s no picnic so I feel a Sim deserves a babysitter during labor and delivery if needed) – 5
Passing Out – 5
Accidental Deaths – 10
Social Worker Visit – 15
Every Birth + 5
Every Twin Birth +10
Every Triplet Birth +15
Fulfilling LTW +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll+5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children +10 (I doubt I’ll do this because if I was able to take care of my Sims enough that the game lets me pick traits, I probably will)
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation +10
Every 100 000 dollars +20
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career +10

*There is some talk in some rules about having to call Firefighters when you have Ambitions due to the career addition.  I’m not sure about this one so I”l try it out in game, if needs be.  I won’t cheat, don’t worry.

And that’s it! If you made it this far, here have some cake!

Okay, so I can’t give you cake seeing as I am on this side of the internet and you’re on THAT side, but if you do have cake (or cookies or cupcakes or salami – whatever your yummies of choice is), go ahead, reward yourself.  This was a long set of rules!

Now, on to the madness! Starlight Shores will never look the same!

(Note: I’ve made this post into a Page, so you can access it from the top Menu just incase you really want to read ALL OF THIS OVER AGAIN.  Did I already mention self-flagellation?  Yeah?  Okay, fair enough.)

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