The Hurkyferd Prettacy

An ISBI Prettacy

Chapter 0.3 – Take a Chill Pill


Hi there and welcome back to the Hurkyferd Prettacy.  Last time Opus and Gertie both started their jobs.  However, Gertie only worked for a millisecond because she is pregnant with the first child of Generation 1.  And now, on to the show!


Gertie had already read one of the pregnancy books, and I had a Wish locked in for her to read a book about Handiness, so I sent her back to her current hang-out, the library.  But we aren’t there long when she suddenly walks behind the counter and cancels all the actions I assign to her.

Gertrude:  “OWWWWWW…”   *huffs and puffs*     “OWWWWWWW!  I think I pulled a tummy muscle getting up off that couch.”

No Gertie, you’re in labor!

Gertie:  “OWWWWWW”  *panics*  “No, I’m not ready.  In fact, I change my mind!  I’ll have a baby next year, okay?  Let’s just forget all about – OWWWWWWWW!!!!”

Aw Gertie, you’ll be fine!

Gertie:  “But Opus!  He’s still at work!  I can’t do this without him.  And I can’t do this on national television!”

*checks Opus’ location*  Nope, don’t worry.  He was on his way home and is now on his way to meet you at the hospital.  Which just happens to be right across the street.  And as far as birthing on National Television, why I can’t even see inside the hospital since it is Rabbit  Hole – I mean, there are no cameras allowed in the hospital so don’t worry.  Everything will be okay.

Gertie:  “What are you talking about rabbits for?  OMG, I think my water just broke.”  *jogs to hospital*

Jogging while in labor?  Call me impressed!


Gertie was a great pregnant Sim and when the baby box pops up, I am allowed to choose the traits.

Its’s a girl!

Gertie: *grumbles*  “Who just spent two hours moaning and then twirled around in a bunch of sparkles to give birth?  I wanted to announce her to my reality TV fans.”

I guess that is fair.  Here – you tell them all about her, deal?

Gertie:  “Fine.  I still think you stole my thunder, though.  But enough about that.  Everyone please welcome our beautiful daughter,  Uli Hurkyferd, into the world!  I just adore her already.  She is very Excitable and sleeps like a log.  I’d say she is a Heavy Sleeper, just like her mama.  Now, Opus Eugene Hurkyferd get on over here and hail a cab to take us home.  You can do something today besides stand around, right?  I am exhausted.  Come on!!”

Opus:  “Hey, I helped, too.  In fact, I did a lot!”  *pouts* “Geeze Louise Gertie, take a chill pill.”

Opus, Opus, Opus – my man. No matter how much time you spent yelling “push” or “twirl in the sparkles” or whatever a Sim yells when their wives are giving birth, you should just smile and nod to whatever she says in the first few days after she’s done bringing your child into the world.  Trust.

Gertie:  “What? The heckfire you helped!  If you call screaming and tearing your hair out helping.”  *long sigh*  “Just help us to the car.”

Gertie’s Plumbob is orange at this point.  I swear, 90% of the time one of my Sim females goes into labor, she is in the yellow already.  Oh well, it makes it more realistic, right?  You don’t exactly feel in tiptop physical shape right after having a baby.


Back home, Opus rolls a bunch of wishes for little Uli.  Gertie, on the other hand does not.  But she autonomously snuggles and plays with her new baby daughter, so I forgive her for the lack of newborn wishes.

Gertie:  “Look at my little Nooboo!  Who has a sweet little face?  Who has a nice warm blanky?  Who just ate a nice big green bottle?”  *bounce bounce bounce*

Uli:  *pukes*

Gertie:  “OMG!  It’s in my eyes!  It’s on my dress!  It’s in my HAIR! Opus, take her so I can take a shower, fluff my hair back up and lay down!  This Plumbob camera over my head is red and it is giving me a headache. Grr…I can’t have the viewers out there seeing me covered in baby vomit!”

Ah, there’s that Diva trait poking its head out.


Opus is happy to take Uli and blows through his newly promised Wishes in seconds flat.

Opus:  “Daddy knows you just puked so it’s safe for him to do this.”  *twirls Uli in air*

Uli:  *baby giggle*

Aw, look at that little smile.  She is so cute. But OMG, look at the back hair on Opus.  He is a good Sim and I know he’ll be a great daddy but ergh,,,he’s weird looking.


Back to Uli (ha! Back, get it? Because I was just commenting on Opus’ gnarly back hair)  Never mind my bad pun, let’s take a closer look:

Awwwww.  She looks like she got her dad’s complexion and her mom’s eyes, I think.  She is lovely but fortunately for us (since we’re looking for ugly right now), all Sim babies look the same except for skin tone and eye color.  We won’t really start to know what we have until she is a toddler.

Uli:  “Goo-goo, gaa-gaa”

I concur.


Opus is very proud of himself for being a new papa.

Opus: *leans over crib*  “Gitchee Gitchee-goo.  “Who loves his new snuggly-bear?  Who loves his little Uli-Booli?  Daddy loves her, that’s who”!  *struts around bedroom with shirt off*  “Yeah, I am a stud, alright!”

Oh Opus.  You so crazy.

Opus:  “Now it’s time to knock Gertie up again.”

Opus!  She still has a red Plumbob from giving birth, what – 2 Sim hours ago?  Plus she *just* laid down.  Let a girl have some rest, jeeze!


After he puts Uli down in the crib for bed, he heads over to the computer.  He needs to get his relationships up for his job so he chats with his co-worker and carpool buddy Larry.

OpusnGertieforever:  *typing*  “Ha ha ha Larry, that is too funny. 

LarryLuvsLadies: *typing back* “LULZ, ermegerd, Opus, I ttly thnk u shuld do it!

OpusnGertieforever: “What? Sorry, I don’t get all that hip computer lingo. We didn’t always have the internet back in Twinbook.  Or computers.  Or phone signals.

LarryLuvsLadies:  Oh, okay.  I guess I can spell everything out this time.  I was just telling you that you should totally do it!  I can even drive if you want.  And I have an industrial size tub of Nair we can use.  And some clippers”

??? What are you two talking about?

OpusnGertieforever: “Um, you were serious about me breaking into the director’s house and shaving all his cats?  That’s funny but I could never do that in real life.  I mean, they might get hurt or cold or something.

LarryLuvsLadies: Exactly! LULZ  And then you won’t have to de-lint his stuff every day.”

OpusnGertieforever: “No, I can’t do that. Seriously Larry.

LarryLuvsLadies: *long pause*  “Oh no, I was just kidding.  Really.  Um, I gotta go.  C u 2-morrow.

Computer: “LarryLuvsLadies has signed off”

Opus:  “Maybe I should carpool with someone else?  Now that I have spent more time with Larry, he seems a little ‘off'”

This coming from an Insane Sim.

Opus:  “That’s enough chatting for tonight anyway. I need to pay the bills and get the mail before I head to bed.  Man, Gertie’s snoring so loud maybe I should sleep on the couch.”

No no, someone needs to take care of Uli when she wakes up to be changed and fed tonight.  And since Gertie just birthed your child, maybe you could pull baby duty tonight and let Gertie sleep.


I scroll over to Uli  while Opus pays the bills and see she suddenly has something in her crib!

Uli:  “Zzzzzzzzzz”

Hey!  There’s an Invisible Friend in there!  Opus must have gotten it out of the mailbox when he paid the bills.  I named him Ukelele.  All the kids are going to have “U”s in their name this Generation.  Why?  “U” for ugly, of course!  I know he isn’t one of the kids, but we’ll go with the flow.

I just hope that we don’t have too many IFs.  That seems like it might be really hard to handle in an ISBI (since I cannot control anyone but my current Torch-Holder(s))  I know the IFs love nothing more than to stop kids from going into the bathroom, do homework or accomplish anything other than pillow-fighting and playing tag. And that is bad for me and my points!

Points!  I just remembered I get some for a baby!  My first points!

Oh, John.  you’re so adorable *fangirlsquee*


The next morning, after getting up with Uli, Opus stumbles around the house in an exhausted blur trying to get ready for work.

Opus:  “Good Gravy!  We’ve only lived here for a few months and I swear this flipping sink has exploded at least 14 times.

He’s right.  This sink has broken almost once a day since I started playing.  I would replace it if these poor schmoes had any extra money but like myself, they don’t. I feel for you Opus, I really do.

Opus:  “Well, my carpool comes soon but I need to continue on my Wish to make at least 5 friends so I’m off to chat and eat before I leave.

What about the sink?

Opus: “Gertrude’s real good with a wrench.  She’s been fixing the cheap sink, shower and toilet in the bathroom since we moved in.  If I do it, I could get a bruise or something.  I can’t risk it, just in case I get a speaking part or something.

They have makeup that covers up things like that.

Opus: *ignores*



While water gushes all over the kitchen floor, Opus powers up the PC and chats for a while.  When the carpool shows up, he scarfs down a quick breakfast.

Opus:  What’s wrong with this banana?  Why can’t I taste it?

Hey Opus, you’re doing it wrong!

Opus:  “Is this really a banana?  What if the half-llama people planted this here and it has a mind-reading chip in it? 

Its a real banana Opus, you just need to peel it first.  And aim for your mouth, not your nostril.


Later that morning…

Gertie:  “Rassinfrassin…#$$%$#@….f$%#*&^ sink.  Opus must have broke this earlier and he just left it like this.  these are real ‘faux’ hardwood Formica floors!  Doesn’t he know he can ruin them?  We can’t afford new floors.  *grumble grumble*

Gertie, you don’t know what “faux” means, do you :/

Gertie:  “Oh great, now the baby is up.  But look at that, chalk up another repair to me.  I may look killer in a dress but I can bang a wrench on a faucet like no one else.”


Gertrude takes good care of Uli.  Babies really only need food, clean nappies and some snuggles now and then.

Uli:  “Gaa  gaa, goo goo”

Gertie:  “You’re going to be such a looker when you grow up.  You’re getting so big, it will be your birthday before we know it!”

She is adorable.  I had to resist the urge to baby spam the post.  I just wish Sim babies had legs and were more interactive, like they were in Sims 2.


The next morning Gertrude is outside tending to her new little garden.  As she is working, she suddenly gets a new action in her queue.  “Shoo Peeping Sim”

Creeper Mailman:  “Yes!  No one will catch me today!” 

What the heck?  Don’t they do background checks at the Starlight Shores Post Office?  You better get outta here before Gertie comes after you.

Creeper Mailman:  “Good,  Then at least someone would be in the house for me to watch.”

Of course, as soon as Gertie starts jogging towards the front of the house, CM is long gone.

Gertie: “One day I will catch that freak, just you wait and see.  I know I am gorgeous and he probably can’t help himself, but I have little Uli to think about now.”


After finishing up tending to the weeds, Gertie decides to have a little fun. (Warning: She is in her bathing suit!)

Gertie:  *slaps ass*  “Mm mm mm, I love this bikini.  You can see all my body art!  I must say, I am smoking hot!  Good thing I have the sprinkler out here to cool me off.”

Oh Gertrude, you do not lack for self-esteem, that is for sure!

Gertie:  “I smell something stinky.  Maybe it is the fertilizer”

Either that or the waves of green stink coming off of you.  BTW – what is with Gardening and making Sims all stinky?  And have to go to the bathroom?  Sometimes I can’t even get through an entire “Tend Garden” session without them going completely RED in both Bladder and Hygiene.  I need the Steel Bladder lifetime reward for Gertie at some point.

And hey, no failures yet!  Go me!

On that positive note, I think we’ll end this chapter/episode.  Next up – will we get to see the genes finally – will Uli age to toddler?  And will there be more babies or will Gertie go back to work so this family can get out of the poorhouse?

Thanks for reading and please leave me a note!  See you next time.



Babies Born: 1 = 5 points

Total Points = 5


11 thoughts on “Chapter 0.3 – Take a Chill Pill

  1. I really need to try an ISBI . They always look like so much fun.

    Uli looks adorable, for the moment. 🙂

    • She is, isn’t she? And you should try an ISBI – just be prepared to give up control. That was the hardest thing for me lol. It isn’t as hard right now with just one baby since they don’t do much but once they get to child, it gets harder. I can’t imagine what it is going to be like when I get to Generation 1 and cannot control the spouse! o___O Thanks for reading Lilah! And for commenting. Makes this more fun for sure.

    • Oh, and I really like your site. Is it okay if I link to it on my links page? I am making one this weekend so I can showcase the Sim blogs/legacies I follow. 🙂

  2. Cant wait to see what Uli looks like!

  3. lol the stink matched her hair. hadn’t even noticed in the screenie. I was too busy laughing at the screenie

  4. The mail man. Bhahahahaha

  5. What was the mailman doing? Oh Gertie

  6. Love Gertie, can I kidnap her for my Uglacy!

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