The Hurkyferd Prettacy

An ISBI Prettacy

Chapter 0.4 – One Olive at a Time


Hi There!  Chapter 0.4 of the Hurkeyferd Prettacy starts night now!  Last time, our first Generation 1 baby was born in the form of a bouncing baby girl named Uli.  Opus broke appliances and left them for Gertrude to fix, and the Creeper Mailman made another guest appearance.  On to the show – we gotta lotta things to cover!


Gertie and Opus get into a routine with their new little family.  Opus works, trying to get a promotion and Gertie stays home, watching her little garden grow and taking care of Uli’s needs.

Gertie:  “Its so lonely in the mornings.”  *sighs*  “I wish Opus and I could have breakfast together again like we did back in Twinbrook.”

But your life is so different now.  You have your sweet little Uli!  And Opus is trying hard to get his promotions.

Gertie:  “But I hate eating alone.  Opus used to tell me every morning how beautiful I was.  Even though I don’t need anyone to tell me that,  it was still nice to hear it.”

How about getting up before 10:30, then?  That might do the trick….

Gertie:  “Pshhhh.  I need my beauty sleep.  That isn’t even an option.”  *flips hair*

Diva, diva, diva.  Makes me think of this:

Gertie:  “ZOMG!  I sense a Llama somewhere!”  *spits out oatmeal*  “You remember about my membership in DERPS?  The whole reason I have this tattoo in honor of our most esteemed Snookie?  Remember the Dolphins Exterminating Really Pernicious Sims? Pernicious as in evil??”   *sighs*    “I don’t care for llamas on account of our belief in the half-llama people.  They are just waiting to take over, I know its true.”

I have no idea what you mean?  I don’t see any Llamas in the yard or anything. *snickers*

Gertie:  *suspiciously peeks out windows*  “Okay, I don’t see any either.  Which is a good thing because since Uli’s been born I haven’t had as much time to spend in the DERP chatroom.  We shouldn’t be talking about this on the show anyway.  Make sure you edit that out.”

Oh, I will. 😉


While I am torturing Gertrude with llamas, I hear the “happy” music and get the most amazing pop-up of this Prettacy thus far.

Opus:  “Who has two thumbs and just got a promotion?”  *points at self*  “Opus Hurkyferd, that’s who!”

Oh Opus!  I am so glad.  Maybe you’ll like this position a little more and won’t come home in the orange/red every day anymore?

Opus:  “And I got a raise AND a bonus.”  *rolls wish to buy a hot tub*

Opus, dear…you have a little under 1000 Simleons in the bank.  Bills are due and we’re going to have to get a bed for Uli at some point.

Opus:  “Well, you promised to shoot for 50% of our Wishes, right”

Good thing his wish panel is full!


Gertrude has the “Stir Crazy” moodlet so I decide to send her out into the neighborhood to meet some people. Opus has absolutely no celebrity points, which he now needs for his job, so I am hoping Gertrude can be-friend a celebrity and then Opus can meet them as well.

Gertrude: “Thanks for inviting me in.  I’m your neighbor from around the corner, Gertrude Hurkyferd.”

Stardust Woods: “Hello, I think I’ve seen you a few times. I am Stardust Woods.”  *oh my boolprop, this is that woman that gardens in her bikini. And what the name of all that is good and fashionable is she wearing now? Those colors, and the cutouts*   “Nice to meet you”

Fake, fake fake.  Finally, we meet someone who fits in a Hollywood-type town!

Gertie: “Stardust.  That’s a pretty name.  Anyone ever call you Dusty? I had an uncle named Dusty.  He liked to make planters out of old toilets.  Oh, they were the most gorgeous things!  Especially the ones with the wooden lids.  Can I call you Dusty?”

Startdust:  “No”  *how can I get her out of here*

Gertie:  “Maybe I can have him ship one to you.  it would look great in your front flower bed!”

Stardust: o___O


Despite starting with a couple of PERSON PERSON MINUS interactions, Stardust starts to warm up to Gertie.  Soon they are gossiping and giggling like a couple of teenage girls.

Gertie:  “Oh, we jest but that house next door to me is terrifying.  Seriously, the yard is filled with weeds and stacks of magazines.  I went inside once and that man has at least 11 televisions in there.  And a bunch of kids toys, but no kids or cribs or anything.  I wish he would move.”

Note:  This is totally 100% true.  I was in the game trying to add cribs and single beds to houses in town since I found out only one – ONE! – other house had a crib (need to make room for other families to have babies/children/teens so the Hurkyferd offspring have kids to grow up with) and hardly any had enough beds for more than two or three Sims.  Anyway – this house was the definition of creeper!  Tons of games and TVs in this crappy, rundown house.  There was probably 20 stacks of magazines and a bunch of kids toys – but no cribs and only one bedroom with a double bed.  And this single guy lived there.  It was just very very disturbing. What the heck was the person at EA thinking when they built that?  *shudders*

Stardust:  “Oh you mean crazy Dan Stubbs?  Yeah, we’ve tried all kinds of tactics to get him out of here.  But he’s lived there for ages.  I think, despite his terrifying house, he is harmless.”  *evil grin*  “But he’s bringing down home values so we’re still working on how to get him out of here.  I have a connection in the new mayor’s office so it’s only a matter of days.”

Way to be neighborly, Stardust!


Gertrude had a wish sitting in her Wish Panel forever, and since she and Stardust were hitting it off so well (they were already almost friends by this point), I decided to let her do it.

Gertie: “So anyway, like I was saying, one day I will be the most celebrated 5-Star Chef in all of Starlight Shores, if not the world!  Wouldn’t you agree?”

The wish was to “Request Compliment“.  Aaaaaaand this was Stardust’s reaction:


*rage rage rage*

Seriously, she completely lost it!  She raged at Gertie over and over and they got a huge PERSON PERSON MINUS.

Gertrude:  “Pshhh, gurl please.  Like I even care about your opinion.  You don’t even have any celebrity points.” *flips hair*  “I’m going back to my house now that the stir crazy moodlet is gone.  The people there know how appreciate me.”  *flounces out*

Way to tell her.  Geeze!  What is with the women in this town?  I need to add some normal Sims into the mix!


Gertie goes back home and makes Opus’ favorite meal as a celebration for his promotion and bonus.  Then she finally finishes a painting!

Gertie: “Oh that’s a thing of beauty.  I’m going to hang it on the wall!”

Nope.  We’re selling it. We need the money!  And we get a whopping 37 Simoleons.  We’ll take it!

Gertie:  *sniffs*  “My masterpiece!”

But now you can buy some new stuff.

Gertie:  “Let’s go to the spa!”  *rolls wish for $500 treatment at spa*

New stuff for Uli.

Gertie: *sighs*

That’s parenthood for you.  And it is worth it a million times over.

Gertie:  “I know, I know its true I would do anything for my sweet Uli. Its just, I used to get facials every week back in Twinbrook.  My pores are screaming for help!”

You’re cooking level 4 or 5 by now, whip something up in the kitchen. There’s all kinds of natural beauty treatments you can make.  I bet you could even use things from your garden.

Gertie:  *throws self on couch*  “Too much work.  I’m tired anyway”


The next morning is Friday and Opus scarfs down some bread and jam before work.

You think you can make it through work today without getting stressed out Opus?

Opus:  *laughs and bangs on table*  “That’s a funny joke.  Haa haaa haaaa”  *rolls wish to quit job*

:/  Opus, we can’t switch jobs, we need those LTR objects for future generations!

Opus:  FML…..

This is a family show Opus, family show!


What is this I see?  Do my eyes deceive me?

Gertie:  *gives camera side-eye*  “Don’t talk to me.  I need coffee and breakfast. But mostly breakfast”

Hey, I’m just shocked you are awake!  You normally don’t roll out of bed before 10:30.  Opus is still here – you can have breakfast together!

Gertie:  “Must.Have.Food!  I can feel my curves melting away.  I can’t lose my lovely curves.  Opus loves me like this.  He always pinches me when we -“

TMI Alert! No, no, no!  That is why we have pixelated showers and undercover woohoo, thankyuoverymuch.

Gertie:  “Hrph.  You just can’t handle my lusciousness.”


Opus and Gertrude don’t get to eat together as he needs to get ready for work.  And get his needs in the green so we can try YET AGAIN to make it through a day at the Plumbob Backlot without needing some serious Sim Prozac.

Opus:  “It’s the toothpicks!  They have formed together with the Pimentos and are plotting to take over the world!  One olive at a time!”

Opus – you and your crazy ranting.  Between you and Gertie, you certainly show your Insane trait more than she does.




Run Gertie Run!

Gertrude: *huffs and puffs*  “I’m going as fast as I can!”

We found a pretty sizable meteor behind the creepy neighbors yard, so I send Gertie off to grab it.  But Opus’ carpool is already here and he can’t be late.

Gertie:  “I know, I know.  Let me concentrate on getting over there!”

Plus, you can’t leave little baby Uli by herself.  We DON’T want a social worker visit!


Gertie makes it over to the meteor.

It’s huge!

Gertie:  “Yeah, I can fit that in my pocket.”

Oh how I wish I had the pockets and/or backpacks of a Sim.  Nothing like carrying around 437 pieces of produces, 17 books, 89 pounds of fresh fish, a sleeping bag, 67 paintings and the family car!  All with no strain on the back. *is jealous*


Now Gertrude has to make it back before Opus leaves the house.

Opus:  “Oh yeah, I look goooooood today.”  *clicks teeth*

Oh man, Gertie *just* made it back in time!

Gertie:  *gasping for breath*  “I….found….a…..giant…..meteor…….GASP!”

Opus:  “What’s that dear?  I was distracted by my reflection from 5 minutes ago in the bathroom.  Love you – see you after work.”

Gertie:  “I think I’m going to have a heart attack!”  *pant pant*

Maybe we should invest in a treadmill when we have the money, yes?

Gertie:  *still gasping* “Hey, that’s a low blow.  As I said earlier, I love my curves!  And so does my Opie.”

I’m not knocking your shape, trust – I have curves of my own.  Beauty (ahem) comes in all shapes and size.  I’m talking about a 1 minute jog making you feel like those pancakes you had for breakfast are going to be making a big comeback.  As in coming back to a porch floor near you!

Gertie: *breathes heavy*

Or you could cut back on the bacon-mayo sandwiches drizzled with peanut oil and spread with Crisco?

Gertie: “That’s an old family recipe.  And it is delicious!”  *goes to kitchen*  “I’m going to make one now.”

*sigh*  At least be a little more active, its good for you. Take Uli for a walk or something?


Opus leaves for work.

Opus:  “Thanks for picking me up, Wally.”

Wally: “No problem.  Shame about Larry, though.  I can’t believe he was arrested trying to shave the director’s cats!”

Opus:  *stares*  “What?  When?”

Wally:  “Oh, you didn’t know?  Just last night.  I saw it on the 10 o’clock news.  What a nutter!”

Opus: “Yeah…..what a nutter.”  *chokes*

The Sims in this town, I swear!


Gertie spends her day as she usually does.

Gertie:  *grumble grumble*  “Stupid freaking,  %$#5^ * toilet!  I fixed this darn thing yesterday.  TWICE!”

I know, I’m sorry.  Everything in this house breaks constantly.

Gertie:  “I want to get some new things – like a toilet that won’t break after every use!”

Yeah, that costs 1800 Simoleons.  You guys have like 800.

I know, Gertie, I know.  As soon as we can, we’ll upgrade things. But for now, you just have to have patience.  Besides, if you fix things enough, you should work up to being able to make it so that things are unbreakable!


Opus comes home from work with…a birthday cake!  But before we can get to our little birthday girl….

Opus:  “I hate that flipping director.” *mumbles under breath*

I know there is a Plumbob in this picture.  I did that on purpose.  Look at that thing!  It is red all because of his 4,432 negative moodlets – all related to work!  I swear he was at 100% when he left for work.  This is pretty much how he comes home

Opus: “I’m almost not surprised Larry snapped and broke into the director’s house.  He’s an evil, evil man.” *sighs*

Sorry Opus but you’re going to have to deal with it for now.  Maybe if we get you some celebrity points and make more friends amongst your co-workers, you’ll do better.


Finally!  It’s here!

Gertie:  “Blow out your candles little one!  You’re growing up today!”

Uli:  “Goo goo gaa gaa”  *punches her mama through the chest*

Gertie:  *ignores baby fist through chest*  “Mama will do it for you”  *blows out candle*

Opus: *out of picture*  “Woooo hoooo!  Go Uli!”


Soon the birthday twinklies begin.

Opus:  “Look at my little baby girl sitting up!  Go into the sparkles, little one!”

Uli:  “I can finally see the rest of my body.  OMG I don’t have any legs!”   O___O

Gertie:  “Okay, I’m bored.  And tired.  I’m going to lay down.”

Niiiiiice parenting there, Gertie.


The birthday twinklies complete the transformation!

Uli:  “I have legs!  And feet!  And hands!”

You always had hands, baby girl! 🙂  But alas, you also grew into bad hair and a ridiculous outfit (of course, wouldn’t be the Sims otherwise)

Opus:  “Must…have…..cake…..must…temper…stress….level”

Almost there, Opus.  We have one last thing to do this update



Uli Hurkyferd – the toddler!  Okay, so she isn’t that bad.  But you can see the genetics now!  She’s got daddy’s pale, clammy skin, mommy’s greenish/yellowish/brownish eyes, daddy’s strange muddy dark lilac/orange hair and mommy’s facial features.

Uli: “Goo goo gaa gaa!”

Happy birthday Uli!  I don’t know if you’ll be heir because I have a feeling you’re going to be a clone of your mama and I want a good blend.  But I dressed you in your favorite color and those little piggy tails look adorable on you!


That wraps up this Chapter/Episode!  Next time:  Gertie and Opus hit the town on a date (gotta fulfill some of those Wishes!), Opus attends a work party and Gertie gets to learning her skillz.   Will there be more babies?  Will the toilet stop breaking?  Tune in next time to the Hurkyferd Prettacy and find out!

Thanks for reading, and if you do, please leave me a message!

P.S.  I am also working on creating a Page of Sims Legacies/Blogs that I follow.  If you would like yours included, please leave me a note along with your URL and I’d be more than happy to check it out.  I *adore* reading Sims legacies!

See you next time 🙂



Babies Born: 1 = 5 points

Total Points = 5

9 thoughts on “Chapter 0.4 – One Olive at a Time

  1. HAHA Loved it. Uli is growing up adorably ugly and I always feel the urge to look away no matter which outfit Gertie is sporting at the time. Great update. 😀

  2. Uli will definitely be ugly but i totally understand about wanting a blend of the parents. I cant wait to see that when it happens!! Great update!

  3. AWWW ULI OMG. I love ugly toddlers….is that weird?

    Anyways great chapters! I’ve had fun reading through these and demand MOAR. 😛

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