The Hurkyferd Prettacy

An ISBI Prettacy

Chapter 0.5 – The Nothing Spectacular!


Hello hello hello!  You’ve clicked your way onto Chapter 0.5 of the Hurkyferd Prettacy.  Last time Opus finally got a promotion, Gertie met a neighbor and Uli became a toddler.  Let’s see what our little family is up to now.


Opus decides to surprise Gertrude.

Opus:  “Ta-da!  Happy Anniversary, Gertrude!   A dozen red roses for the love of my life.  Thank you for taking care of our beautiful daughter, and thank you for bringing her into the world”  *wipes tear*

Gertrude: “Oh, they are nice!”  *WTH, It’s our anniversary – I wanted diamonds and shiny things!*

Gertie!  I heard/see that thought….Opus is practically in tears over there and you are grumbling about not getting diamonds?  You two still have hardly any money.  And he’s pouring his heart out.

Gertie:  “I deserve it!”

Opus:  *is clueless*  “Of course you deserve that bouquet!” 

Good grief!


I get a notification there is a performance going on.  I just installed Showtime at the start of this Legacy, so I am excited to see this as I have not yet had the chance.  Perfect timing!  I send Opus and Gertrude off on their date after the babysitter shows up.

Opus:  “Yeah, Dawg!  This is the best thing I’ve ever seen!”

Really?  I can’t wait to see what it is!  Wait – where is Gertrude?

Opus:  “Shhhh!  The show!”

Opus!  Where’s Gertie?

Opus:  “Oh, we took separate cabs.  Thought it would be more fun that way.  We can pretend we don’t know one another and pick each other up at the bar later.   Its a game we play called ‘Strangers at the Bar’  Last time we played we almost got arrested for public nudity!”

Leaves a bad taste in my mouth, too Simba.  Yech!


When she finally makes it, Gertrude joins her husband. (they really took two cabs…lol crazy Sims)

Gertie:  “OMG Opus, its like nothing I’ve ever seen before!”

Opus: “My life is changed forever!”

Here is what they were watching (oh you know you want to know!)

Absolutely NOTHING!  :/   Unless you call some confetti and shiny stage lights a show.  And notice Gertie tore herself away long enough to turn around and boo some random townie Sim she’s never met before.  This was before she spent 10 minutes on stage talking to to the lighting panel.

These two, I swear!


After tearing themselves away from The Nothing Spectacular, Opus invites Gertie to join him doing one of the things he loves most.

Gertie:  *sings*  “You’re the one thing”

Opus:  *sings* “I can’t get enough of”

Gertie:   *sings* “So I’ll tell you something”

Both:  * sing together* “This could be love, because…I’ve had the time of my liiiiife no I’ve never felt this way before…”

Ah, young love.  Best served with silly little love songs from Dirty Dancing!  And I am thinking this is a cute moment until I scroll around and I see they’ve cleared out the entire venue with their howler monkey screeches. Niiiiiiiiice!!


After a very successful date (including several Wishes filled!), the next morning Gertie does something I have NEVER had a Sim do yet.

Gertie:  “I feel so free!”

Gertrude!  There is a child to think of here, not to mention the Plumbob camera!

Gertie: “But it is so hot outside and we have no air condition in this house!”

Put some clothes on, woman!


After I tell her to put on clothes, she suddenly changes into her bathing suit and then cancels the action to tend Garden.

Gertie:  “blarghblarghblargh”

Oh Gertie, I am sorry you don’t feel well. But *squee*!!  Babies! (sorry for the puke pic, every legacy needs one)

Gertie:  “I don’t know, I think I might have eaten something bad…”

Trust me on this one, I had to watch the awfulness that is the Hurkyferd Woohoo and I swear I heard the baby chimes.

Gertie:  “Opus and me, well our love is like a symphony under the sheets!  And we don’t have any windchimes.  They are a device used by the half-llama people to hypnotize us into submission.  We were talking about this last night in DERP chat.”



Gertie finishes heaving in time to make breakfast for herself and Opus.  And by make breakfast, I mean cut two hunks of birthday cake.

Gertie: *chompchompchomp*

Opus:  “I had fun last night.”  *wiggles eyebrows*  “YOU stole my heart like a masked bandit.”

Gertie:  *chompchompchomp*

Don’t you have some news for Opus, Gertrude?

Gertie: *chompchompchomp*

It’s no use, Snape, I agree.


Checking in with baby Uli, she joins her parents for the meal.

Uli:  *splashes fist in goopy goop*  “Yummy!”

Are you going to eat that, babycakes?

Uli: *nomnomnom*

There you go!  Now why doesn’t Sims 3 let you teach toddlers how to use utensils, hm?


Gertie goes out to garden and I get a notification that Opus has been invited to a party at his boss’ House. This is good news as he needs to do something to improve his work performance.  But first…

Opus: “Who’s my big girl?  Who is daddy’s growing girl?”

Uli:  *baby giggles*

Opus!  Did you just finish what I think you did?

Opus:  “I sure did!  Uli is now a true toddler!”

She knows how to walk!  And you had that wish locked in so that was a ton of LTR points!

Hellz yeah, we love the toddler skilling!


Out in the yard, Gertrude wraps up her garden work.

Gertrude: “I don’t feel good.”

You’re cooking another Hurkyferd!  A little nausea is worth it.  Uli looks too much like you so we need some more babies. Besides, you and Opus both have Wishes locked in to have a baby and to have a boy. Fun!

Gertie:  “I think I need to put my formal clothes on and run around so my tummy feels better.”

Why don’t you go teach Uli to talk?

Gertie:  “I said, I DON’T FEEL GOOD.”


After that madness, we’ll go inside for a little ugly-cute.

Uli: *baby giggles*

Ukelele: *OMG, I thought I was going to a human home….what are these people?  I want to go home*

Uli: *baby giggle*

Ukelele:  *Calling the mothership!  Abort the mission!  You’ve put me on the wrong planet.  Abort the mission!*

Sorry Ukelele, you are stuck here just like the rest of us!


Opus is on the way to Anabelle Gooder’s house.  She is his boss at the studio, second to the director.

Opus:  “Okay, Opus you can DO this.  Just walk in there an be confident.”

Little self pep-talk there, Opus?  Afraid you’re going to see the Director tonight?

Opus:  *spirals into full-out panic attack*  “OMG, you think the Director is going to be there?”

Why did I even open my mouth?

Opus:  “Oh,maybe I’ll just go home and hang out with the family.”

No, Opus you have to go.  Besides, you have a bunch of work-related Wishes we can knock out tonight.

Opus:  “B-b-b-b ut the Director?”  *gulps*

You’re not going to make this easy, are you?  I swear you have to have a hidden neurotic trait. Sheesh!  It’s a party!


And that is it for this time.  Next up – will Opus make it into the party or will he continue to be distracted by himself?  Will Gertie really be pregnant?  Tune in to find out!

Thank you for reading, and hey, feel free to leave me a note!



Babies Born: 1 = 5 points

Total Points = 5

7 thoughts on “Chapter 0.5 – The Nothing Spectacular!

  1. Lol xD I swear to you I saw a face in Gertie’s vomit! And this seriously brightened up my night. Thanks 🙂 Keep the post coming

  2. Great chapter! Also hilarious!

  3. Faces in the vomit is a sure sign of a baby to come!

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