The Hurkyferd Prettacy

An ISBI Prettacy

Chapter 0.6 – Party of Assorted Terrors


We now join the following program, already in progress!  🙂  Welcome back to the Hurkyferd Prettacy  Last time Opus and Gertie hit the town, we had some Uli toddler spam and Uli learned some skills.  We left Opus stuck in the side yard at his boss’ mansion – on his way to a work party.  Stick around, we have an extra-large update going on.  Supersize me!


Its been an hour since Opus arrived at the party – has he made it inside yet?

Opus:  *Hmmm…I can’t go out there with this nasty zit going on.  Let me just take care of it right quick*

Opus!  Its been an hour!  Go on and join the party.

Opus:  “Maybe I should head on back home and use some of Gertie’s pork rind and mayonnaise facial scrub.”

If you’ve been putting that on your face, I’m surprised you haven’t grown an extra head!  No wonder you are breaking out.  Now get out of the bathroom!

Opus: “At least I’m in the house, right?”

Opus. Get out there now….townie Sim parties don’t last very long.


Opus rolls a Wish as he works his way through the Gooder mansion in the Starlight Shores hills.  It is to mooch a few Simoleons off his boss and Party hostess Anabelle Gooder.

Opus: “Lookit this house!”  *gets stars in eyes*  “That chimney back there is big enough to crawl in!  Anaballe can afford to loan me a few Simoleons!”

Opus, I don’t think it is smart to ask your BOSS for money.  Especially seeing as this is the very first time she’s graciously invited you into her home.

Opus:  “Oh my good gravy, look at that chandelier!  You think that is made of real diamonds?”

Opus, Opus, Opus.

Opus:  “You think this is one of those fireplaces I can transport through like on Harry Potter?”

Sure. Go ahead and try it out.

Opus:  *wipes soot of pants*  “Okay, that’s it.  I need a raise.  If she’s rolling in the dough like this, I need a cut of this action.”  *rolls wish to mooch a large amount of Simoleons off Anabelle*

Well, we now have two Wishes locked in to beg for money from your boss,  the party has been going on for 2 1/2 hours already and we haven’t seen one other Sim in the entire house.  Sounds like a winner of an evening to me! *rolls eyes*


Opus is wandering this huge house looking for his boss – or any other live being – when he finally runs into someone.

Ernesto Gonzalez:  ” ‘Sup, man.”

Opus: “Hello there.  Hold up – do you wind if I do something really quick?”

Ernesto: “Wait…W-what?”

Opus:  “Ah, much better. “

Ernesto:  “WTH happened to my hat?”

Opus: “I have no idea what you are referring to sir”

*whistles and looks innocent*  Me either, Opus.  Let’s go find the hostess, shall we?


Opus wanders into another one of the many rooms upstairs and finds this guy being hypnotized watching TV all by himself.

Bryce Savage:  “The Doll is watching.  The Doll knows all.”

Okay, he seems a bit strange BUT he’s the first gorgeous Sim I’ve encountered in Starlight Shores.  Too bad he’ll probably be a grandpa by the time Uli is old enough to marry him.

Opus: “What?  Are you talking about my BABY daughter?”

I have no idea what you mean.  *MUST HAVE BRYCE SAVAGE’s GENES!*

Bryce Savage:  “All hail the Doll.  All must bow to the Doll… not resist.”

The hell?

I then scroll around the room and find this doll watching Bryce watch TV.

Creepy Doll:  “Look into my eyes so that I can steal your soul.”


Bryce savage:  “All hail the Doll.”

Creepy Doll:  “Give me your soul!”

Holy moly, where did that doll come from??

Creepy Doll:  “I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!!!!!!”

Creepy doll is creepy.   Thanks for the nightmares, EA!


Shaking off the strange scene, Opus finally stumbles upon what I assume is Anabelle’s husband in the kitchen, working through his own nightmares apparently.

Mr. Gooder:  “My wife made hot dogs……”

Yes, those are hot dogs.

Mr. Gooder:  “But she never makes hot dogs for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  *stares*

What is going on in this house?  Did someone drug the food?  Spike the punch?  Maybe Opus was on to something when he got stuck in the yard.  Sheesh!


Spooked out of the kitchen, Opus is relieved (as am I) to finally find his hostess Anabelle.

Opus:  “Anabelle!  Thank you for inviting me. You have a lovely home.”

Oh, that was nice Opus.  Way to make an impression!  Good job.

Opus: “Now will you make me some nachos?”


Mr. Gooder:  “Wait, what?  Now she’s making nachos?”

Anabelle:  “Opus, you’re so funny!  You crack me up!”

Random Blonde Dude:  *WTH is up with that guys suit?  WTH is up with that guys FACE?*


Before I can have Opus ask to mooch some money, Anabelle takes off into the bathroom.  Then she goes into the kitchen and makes two more servings of hot dogs  and burns a pan of mac n cheese (I kid you not).  This is now 4 hours into the party.   Opus gets bored and wanders off.

Opus:  “I don’t think I like this pool.”

Why not?

Opus:  “Well, I can’t put my finger on it. Its nice and big, the water is warm and it looks nice in the moonlight.  But I just feel so heavy, I can barely swim!”

Maybe its all that soaking wet polyester you are swimming in?

Opus:  “But I always swim in my formal leisure suit!  Doesn’t everyone?”‘

I got nothing.


I track Anabelle down again.

Anabelle Gooder:  “What? I need to make more hot dogs.”

But you already have three servings in the kitchen.  AND an unfilled buffet table sitting in one of your dining rooms.  AND a burned pan of mac n cheese.  And there’s really no one left at this “party” besides Opus.

Anabelle:  “Your point?”

Can you stay in one place for a few minutes?  kthxbyebye


Annabelle:  “Opus, I am so excited!  I got another new car!”

Opus: “How nice for you Anabelle.”

Annabelle:  “Of course, that makes 17 cars I now own.  I’ll be sick of it in a matter of months.  But that’s alright, I’ll just run out and get another one.”

Opus:  “That reminds me -“

Opus: “Can I bum a few Simoleons off you?”

Holding breath…..

Anabelle: “Of course!”


Annabelle:  “Here’s one Simoleon.”


Opus:  “Er – can I bum a LOT of Simoleons off you?”

Annabelle: “Of course!  Here’s TEN Simoloens.”

Ten?  I figured a lot would be like 100 but I won’t complain.  At least she was a good sport about it.  And now that we’ve finally fulfilled those two Wishes, we can leave this party of assorted terrors and go home!


The next morning…

Gertie:  “Hey, I feel funny.  Wha – oh!  I’m pregnant!”

Yes, Gertrude we already know that.  You just popped some more.

Gertie:  “I will have you baby and I will name you Trashcan!”

No, that’s a horrible name. Besides, all the kids this Generation need to have “U” in their names.

Gertie:  “GarbUge?”


A lazy Sunday at the Hurkyferds.  Opus is still recovering from the party while Gertie gardens and Uli skills.

Uli: “Me wike book!”

Awwwww….she’s so cute to me now.  I hardly see the uggers anymore!

Uli:  “Mama pick apples.  Apples are wed!”

That’s right princess, apples are red!  Uli is the best little toddler, I must say.  She never cries and even though she has an IF, she gravitates to the skilling toys and books I leave out for her.  For my first non-playable toddler, I have to say it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  Either that, or she is that awesome!


Gertie stops gardening to gather some more space rocks and gems.  Which we sell for almost 800 Simoleons!

Gertie:  “That’s right.  WHO’S the best damn rock collector this side of Sunset Valley?”  *flips hair*

You’re pretty spry for someone who’s almost ready to pop!

Gertie:  “I’m pretty spry for someone who is FABULOUS.  Hrmph  Popping don’t have nothing to do with it!”

That’s my diva.


Later that night….

Gertie: *hops out of bed*  “OMG, that’s some wicked, wicked heartburn.”

Gertrude, I don’t think that is heartburn.

Gertie:  “I know my own body.  I just need to run around the yard a bit.”

Nope.  You’re in labor.

Gertie:  “Okay, maybe you’re right.”  *huffs* “This feels like labor.  I’m never going to be a 5-star chef if I keep having kids!”

Not the time to be worrying about your LTW, dear.

Note:  Notice the head in the lower left-hand corner?  That is the babysitter I called to watch Uli while Opus and Gertie go to the hospital.  Go take care of Uli for goodness sake! You aren’t helping anything screaming and flailing your arms around.


Off to the hospital they go.

Gertie:  “I’m tired, I’m hungry, I need a shower and my uterus hurts.”

Opus:  “Just think Gert, we’re on our way to meet our new baby!”

Gertie:  *glares*

Opus, its probably best you just smile and nod and keep quiet.

Note the giant YELLOW Plumbob…I’m nothing if not consistent.  That is two-for-two pregnant mama yellows for me! :/


A little while later.

Opus: “It’s a boy!!! Does he look like me?”

Gertie:  “I’m tired, I’m hungry, I need a shower and my uterus STILL hurts.”

Opus never entered the hospital for some reason, hence Gertie’s stinky attitude.

Opus:  “Tell everyone about our new son!”  *wipes tear*

Gertie:  Well, since no one else was with me, I named him Gus Hurkyferd.  He is so smart, I think he might be a Genius.  And I can tell just by looking at him he is going to be Artistic, like my Uncle Dusty.  I can’t wait to get him to make me a toilet-bowl flower planter!  Now, can we just go home please.”

Opus: “I’ll make it up to you Gertrude.  I don’t know what happened.  I couldn’t get in the door for some reason.”

Gertie: *ignores*

Trouble in paradise?  Or just pregnancy hormones in overdrive?


Tune in next time to see if Gertie forgives Opus, how little Uli does with her hew baby brother and more shenanigans!  Thanks for reading and, as always, please feel free to leave me a note.


Babies Born: 2 = 10 points

Total Points = 10 (w00t!)

10 thoughts on “Chapter 0.6 – Party of Assorted Terrors

  1. Yay I must

  2. This is so funny! Loving your story 😀

  3. cant wait to see what Gus looks like! ^.^

  4. Looking froward to little Gus grow up. He’s sure to be as adorable as his sister. 🙂

  5. Awww not a “U” name. But yay! A boy!!!

  6. “MY uterus still hurts…” LOL

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