The Hurkyferd Prettacy

An ISBI Prettacy

Chapter 0.7 – Therapy Bills


Welcome to a brand new Chapter/Episode of the Hurkyferd Prettacy.  Last time when we left Opus and Gertie, trouble was brewing after Gertrude gave birth to their new baby boy, Gus.


Gertie spends all her time in the garden these days, probably avoiding Opus.  Uli enjoys it, though. Oblivious to her parents fighting.  Instead, she plays with Ukelele and skills on her books and toys.

Uli:  “Me go potty wike a big girl!”

Yay for potty training!  And, this again shows why I love this child so much.  I can’t control her, yet she finds her own way to the potty!

Uli:  “Me do good?”

You always do good, sweet girl.

Best toddler, evah!


After spending the day and evening in the garden, Gertrude’s nights are filled with the children.

Gertrude:  “Bananas, jelly beans and cows!”

Uli:  “Nanas, jawwy beans and moo-moo cows!”

Gertie:  “That’s right, sweet thing.  Those are some of the things the Llama-people haven’t gotten their hands on yet!”

Uli:  “Yama people!”

Gertrude!  What are you teaching your child?  *tsk tsk*

Gertie: *Hrmph*  “Only THE most important things, of course.  Girl needs to know what evils lurk in the shadows.”

Uli:  “Evil shadows!”

Good thing she doesn’t have the Insane trait.  She may just grow up to know better!


The next day, Gertie is ranting around the house.

Gertrude:  “Where did this couch come from?”  *rages*

You’ve had it since the very beginning of the game – I mean show.  Since the beginning of the show.

Gertie: *balls fists*   “I SAID I HATE THIS COUCH!!!!!”

Whoa.  its a little early in the post/episode for so much anger.  Easy, tiger!  I guess she’s still in a bad mood.  No wonder Opus has been keeping a low profile!


Speaking of Opus, yet again days pass and no promotion even though he is skilled up in Charisma and is now BFFs with his direct supervisor, Anabelle Gooder.  I guess anyone who made it out of that party alive deserves a friendship, yes?

Opus:  “So, seeing as you’re a celebrity and I had to jump through hoops just to get you to let me talk to you, you think you could share your profession with me?”

Random Celebrity: *blank stare*  *runs off*

Background on this picture. I’ve been sending Opus out in the evenings a couple times a week to try and meet SOMEONE with Celebrity points.  There aren’t many which makes no sense to me,  Every other flippin’ save file I have, everyone in town is a darn Celebrity.  but when I finally NEED them, no one is.  GAH!

So this guy made Opus chase him all around the venue, then when Opus finally was allowed to talk to him, the guy cancelled Opus’ action and ran home. (!)

Opus:  “I think that sounds like a good idea.  I’m tired and stressed and I just want to see my kids”

😦  I don’t like when Opus and Gertrude fight!  Go home and make up with your wife, Opus!


Let’s take a break from the mess that is Opus and Gertie’s relationship, shall we?

Uli:  *toddler giggles*

Aw, Uli! What are you doing in there, silly girl?

Uli:  “Mama told me get in here”

*sighs* I hope she isn’t going on about the Llama people again.  There’s no such thing, babydoll.

Uli:  *giggles* ” I hide!”


I wonder what Gertie is telling Uli to hide from until I scroll to the front of the house and see our old “friend” has returned.

Creeper Mailman:  “I can’t get to the window! Someone has put a giant shrub in the way!”

Hmmm…imagine that.  I wonder who it could have been?  *evil laugh*

Creeper Mailman: “You’re cramping my style here!”

Oh, get out of here!  Go spy on the dude next door.  You two can take turns out-creeping each other.

At least Gertie was right to tell Uli to hide.  This guy is worse than paparazzi!


Gertrude has been in a huff for days, and it seems to be getting worse.  Then this happens.

Gertie:  “I knew it!”  *rolls wish to have baby*

Another little Hurkyferd!  And we haven’t even seen what little Gus looks like beyond being a cocoon infant.

Gertie:  “Me n Opus made up last night.”

I see that!

Gertie:  “And when I say night, I mean ALLLLLLLLLLL night.”  *smacks ass*

What did we say about TMI, Gertrude!  Family show, family show.  Oh, all right – let’s go with PG-13, then okay?

Gertie: *rolls wish to have girl*  “I want to name her Urethra.  Like Aretha Franklin but with a “U”, get it?  Aretha is the original Diva.”

Gertie, don’t you know what Urethra means?

Gertie:  “Pssht. I made it up.”  *flips hair*

Whatever you say, I’m just glad you and Opus made up.


Poor Gertie is still stuck fixing all the things in the house that need fixing.  Which is pretty much everything.

Gertie:  “Oh my aching baaaaaaack.”

I’m sorry you just spent 3 hours fixing the shower, sink AND toilet, Gertie.

Gertie:  “You know, I don’t think I’ve even puked once with this pregnancy, but Lord Plumbob be if my back ain’t going to kill me.”

Hmm…..could it be that your maternity footwear seems to be a pair of white spike heels?  Get some sensible shoes, woman!

Gertie:  “I won’t sacrifice my fashion.  NOT an option.”

Then don’t grumble about your back.  I may be a woman and may sympathize with you, but if I wore heels for work while pregnant, I would know better than to complain!


The next day is a big one in the Hurkyferd house!

Gertie:  “Yay!  My little baby boy is growing up today!  Soon as I get him potty trained I’ll be done with diapers!”

Well, seeing as you are cooking another baby, that isn’t true at all.

Gertie:  “Hush up now, let me have my fantasy!”

Opus: *rolls wish for girl*  I can’t wait for the new baby, Gert!  Now, let’s blow out your candles baby Gus!”

Opus:  *blows*

Gus:  *gets mouth full of daddy’s stinky armpit*

Yeah, we might be looking at some therapy bills after that one.

Gus:  *Goo-goo-gaa-gaa?”

Well from this angle, ignoring the ridiculous hair he’s grown into, he looks normal.  I see Gertie’s hair color and once again, Opus’ skin tone.

Let’s take a REAL look, shall we?

Gus:  “Goo-goo-gaa-gaa!”

Whoa.  That is a crazy looking kid!  He might be a mix, although I am thinking he might be a complete clone of his dad, but with Gertrude’s hair color.  Sorry for your gene pool, little dude.

Gus: *giggles*

You know what they say, ignorance is bliss.  Hopefully the next little Hurkyferd will be a girl because both Gertie and Opus have girl wishes locked in right now.


After the festivities are over, once again Opus gets sent out in search of someone to help him with Celebrity points.   At one bar (sorry, forgot the name) he runs into none other than the gorgeous Bryce Savage.

Opus:  “And then the conductor said, where do you think I keep my trombone?”

Bryce:  *laughs* “You are one funny dude, man.  I can’t believe we’ve never met before. “

Opus:  “Um, no we did meet.  At Anabelle Gooder’s party a couple months back.”

Bryce:  “Not me bud, sorry.  I’ve never set foot in the Gooder house.  I don’t like Mr. Gooder.  He creeps me out.”

Opus: “I stood right next to you while you watched TV in on of the upstairs bedrooms!”

Bryce:  “Dude, I’m telling you wasn’t me.”

Opus:  “That is so strange.  So was that entire party, actually.  I felt like someone spiked the smoothies or something.”  *laughs*  “There was this scary looking doll in the room you were in.  Come to think of it, you *did* seem really out of it.”

Bryce:  “….”



Gertrude finally starts rolling some Gus-related wishes.  She’s great with the kids, but not so great at rolling the kid wishes.  I’m super excited for the pregnancy ones, though.  Both Gertie AND Opus have wishes “to have a child” and “to have a girl”.  Lots-o-LTR points!

Gertie: “Say ‘picture’, Gus.”

Gus:  *stares*

Keep trying, he’ll get it!  He’s a Genius after all.

Gertie: “Can you say ‘photographic evidence of Llama people and the secret society they belong to that is trying to take over the world’ ?”

Gus: *stares*

Me: *stares*

Gertie:  “Can you say ‘MONEY’ ?”

Gus:  “Money!”

Gertie: “That’s my little man.  And you say that word to Daddy when he gets home tonight because we need some MONEY so we can move into a bigger house with working plumbing so mama doesn’t have to fix everything anymore!”

Gus:  “Dada!  Dada money!” *giggles*

Ah, just what Opus needs.  His young toddler son pressuring him to get a raise on top of his regular job stress!


Even if she complains, Gertrude has a good life.  She spends her days with her little ones and her garden.

Uli:  *sings softly to Ukelele*

Gus: *shoves xylophone hammer in his mouth*  “Tastes wike trees!”

Gertie:  “Why am I wearing this outfit?  I want my high heels back!”

Sorry Gertrude, you need to think about function over form right now.

Gertie:  *glares*

Gus: “Where’s me dolly?  Gus want dolly too!”

You don’t have one, thankfully. One IF is enough in an ISBI house.

Uli:  “I wuv you Uk-a-way-wee!”

Gus:  *shoves xylophone hammer back in mouth*  “Still tastes wike Tree!”


And on that fine note, we’ll end this episode.  Next time – will our expectant mother get the girl she so wants? What will Uli look like as a child?  Will the creepy doll take over the world?  Come back and find out the answers to these gripping questions, and much more!

Thanks for reading – please feel free to leave me a note!



Babies Born: 2 = 10 points

Total Points = 10

7 thoughts on “Chapter 0.7 – Therapy Bills

  1. I loveeee how quickly you put out chapters, don’t stop doing that. 😛

    Can I have me some Bryce? I need some possessed man hunk in my life.

  2. hahaha Urethra caught me off guard! crackin me up! great update!

  3. Awh soo cute! 😀 You keep me so entertained! Don’t stop! 😀

  4. That Gif of Tyra had me dying! Great chapter!

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