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Hiatus Apologies! And a Small Update


Hello there!  I don’t normally write non-Hurkyferd posts but I wanted to update on what was going on.  I’ve been really sick – several surgeries and a zillion rounds of antibiotics later and I am slowly starting to be on the mend 🙂  I haven’t even touched my Sims in what feel like forever, so no Hurkyferd updates.  However, I can say I am starting to feel better and even starting to feel like writing and playing a little.  Thank you to all of you who commented while I was gone.  I am going to be making my way through comments and also making my way through my favorite Blogs so I can catch up with all your stories.  Might give me a little inspiration to boot 🙂


Don’t worry – Gertie and Opus are anxiously awaiting their return to their “reality show”  🙂  Ty for reading and I’ll have a new update within the next few days.

5 thoughts on “Hiatus Apologies! And a Small Update

  1. Aww, sorry you’ve been unwell!! 😦 But glad you’re on the mend and looking forward to an update.

  2. Oh wow! I didn’t realise you had been sick. 😦 So glad to hear that you are on the mend, and hoping that you feel even better soon. 😀

  3. Oh my goodness! *hugs* hope you get well soon! ❤

  4. Wow Im glad you are doing ok! I figured something must be wrong 😦
    Thanks for the heads up, I hope everything is smooth sailing from here!

  5. I just read all of this now. Sooo disappointed that I haven’t stumbled upon this sooner! I’m going to follow now, I hope you continue this!

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