The Hurkyferd Prettacy

An ISBI Prettacy

They’re Baaaaaaaackkkkkk :)


Hello out there in blogland or whatever I should call this little corner of the interwebs.  So, I am alive and am finally going to be able to play Sims again!  Which means more Hurky-madness.  The next thing I need to do is check in on my Hurkyferds and see if they survived the game update I had to install (grrr) and the two new EPs I installed (yay!).  Once I do that, and deal with any issues, I can’t wait to jump back in.

Big thanks to anyone who has stumbled here and taken the time to read and/or comment.  I am so thankful and glad if you have enjoyed it.   And thank you for the well-wishes.  I am feeling great, so that is good!


Happy Simming and I’ll be back with an update soon.  Hoping for the weekend.  Fingers crossed.

4 thoughts on “They’re Baaaaaaaackkkkkk :)

  1. Welcome Back!!!! I’ve missed the Hurkyferd’s. 😀

  2. YAY! 😀 Can’t wait for more!

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