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Patches and Glitches and EPs, Oh My!


So I have spent the better part of the past week dealing with patching issues.  Grrrr….why did I pick *now* to start back up with my Simmehs?   I am having a HUGE issue with babies and toddlers glitching out of their cribs.  Anytime someone puts them in there, both the child and the caregiver glitch out of the house completely.  And in two different places.  Cycle.  Rinse.  Repeat.  New cribs do not help.  New homes do not help.  New Sims do not help.  Urgh.  Its related to…dun dun dun….the Flipping IF dolls.





I think that right there is an issue but one Sims-related headache at a time.I’ve gone off in search of a solution.  Until I figure one out I’m afraid the updates have to wait a bit.  BUT, I did play ahead some, so I think I can tell a wee bit more of Opus and Gertie’s story here soon.  But nothing feels right when I know my Sims are glitching.  *sighs*  One day this game will work.  Maybe by the time they stop updating it and Sims 4 is on its 3rd or 4th EP.  One can only hope!

7 thoughts on “Patches and Glitches and EPs, Oh My!

  1. … ok now I will be fangirling about old man Clint for ages, thank you very much *lol*

    The IFs came with Generations, right? Hm. Maybe de- and then re-installing that EP would help?

  2. What a shame that you are having these issues. I hope you are able to find a solution so that you can play without too much trouble. Update Opus & Gertie when you can. While it is true that I LOVE this story and have missed getting my Hurky fix, I would much prefer more waiting while you can get to a point where gaming is good for you 🙂

    • Thank you! I just cannot seem to play when I know there is an issue. It makes me paranoid I am going to have a major crash and lose ALL my saves. Something I am trying to avoid at this point!

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